It’s all about the money!!

I know it’s not right to say that you would be happier if you had more money, money doesn’t make you happy per se…! But I surely don’t get any happier having no money at all….
As I live my life now, I know that 20.000$ would put a big smile on my face for a long, long time. Am I a bad person for thinking that… There must be lot’s of humans out there that knows this as well as I do that it makes all the difference in the world for some people.

I guess the term/saying that money does not make you happier would fit for a man/woman who has no financial problems, he’s/she’s got a fulltime employment and a wife/man/partner that is fully satisfied with everything that you do and kids that just do everything that you want them to do, this family never get’s ill, hurt’s themselves and they have no bad habits and they can afford everything they want to do …… In this case, money couldn’t possible make them happier  …… But I know, believe you me…. in my reality, in my life, money could make me unbelievable happy, and I know there are more of you out there who feels the same way I do ….

Cheers to you all…. and may rain of money fall upon you to make you smile…. =)

Important things first!

I’m about to teach some teenagers to play the guitar in about a month and I was thinking about what kind of approach I should have….
These things isn’t easy you know. To teach something that has come so natural to your self that you don’t feel that you have “learned” to play the guitar… It feels like you have just gotten to know the guitar while you were joyfully fiddling with the guitar…

I was You-Tubing for some videos to help me on the way and I stumbled over a soundclip that was made by Guthrie Govan where he doesn’t play as hysterical that he usually does. It was a soloing lesson made in 2003. In the first minute of the clip he uses very few notes and instead of charging around the fingerboard like a herring jumping in the boat, he shows what you can do with small, different and subtle changes in how you hit the note. The vibrato, Slide in’s, Slide Out’s, Bending, Tapping, Pull-offs and so on. In a solo you can manage with only 4 or 5 notes if you just do all this dynamic differences.

Here’s the video for that. and below the first video I had to post another video with 3 wisdom points from Guthrie him self. I quote:” ONE, don’t rely on tablature for everything, Because you’ll end up playing in the way that a parrot talks, all you can do is play what’s in the tablature. If you train yourself to use your ears, so you can copy the music around you, then when you one day need to write your own music or improvise you can copy the notes you hear in your head just as easy , it’s important to train your ears.”
” TWO, try to be aware of every note you play, if you can try to sing the notes that you play, even if you don’t make a sound, try to sing the notes in your head, so you can predict what notes are coming out in the end. When that stops you’re just playing tricks and patterns.”
” THREE, don’t sit in you bedroom with a metronome all the time, get out, join a band, record songs, do concerts – you will get gigs. Play in different bands in different situations and in different styles…..”

Found some movie clips….. :)

Well… To the disappointment for some of you I still haven’t successfully recorded anything of me playing my gear but I found some clips on You Tube where I play some solos, Bad quality movies and some sloppiness but here it goes anyway…
In the first and last clip ( MJ & Jörgen ) I play the gear that I had to sell….. In the middle clip I have the “cheaper” gear that I bought just to be able to gig, and I have the borrowed Fender there ….

Michael Jackson Beat it solo with the band Showkanalen. I know it’s not perfect but you can’t be 100% every time! 🙂 Starts at my solo………

Hon Älskar Snabbt ( Snowstorm ) with Jocke Bergqvist. This is an improv solo, take it for what it is…. Starts at my solo……..

This is a small concert with a blind man named Jörgen Hansson on keyboards, he had never played with a real band before this, he had a ball…. Starts at my solo………..

I was about to say enjoy , but I can’t say that for every one of you, certainly not for me… 🙂

Much better thank you… But…

Hey everybody !

I’m much better today thank you very much. These days like the one I survived yesterday don’t come very often, thank God.. or who I’m supposed to thank….

I was wondering about the difference between Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and American guitars…. How come there is such difference in quality and feel when the same CNC-machines are used all over the world. I know there is lot’s of tone and quality feel in the selected build materials but as I see there is not the only place the difference in the guitars are located. Even though a guitar may have secondary materials and so on you should be able to build a guitar that is fitted properly, but no…. All the Indonesian and Chinese guitars I’ve tried or owned all have had obvious flaws… frets are uneven and badly mounted, there’s a big gap between the body and neck, cavitys on the backside for electronics and trem-spring are missplaced so that volume, tone pots and tremolo scratches the walls in there, fingerboard inlays fall out, hardware rusts….

Ok! Maybe the frets are bad quality, hardware rusts and fingerboard inlays fall out due to low production costs and this cost also naturally affect the pace you mount stuff but the CNC machines then …. Shouldn’t the fit be as good as the American and Japanese or is the production pace a factor here to. Maby the CNC machines crave continuous adjustments and a look over now and then and in Indonesia and China there just isn’t any time left over for these things…. Well, I don’t know, I was just sitting here rolling it in my head to see if I could come up with an answer but really…. I don’t know more now than I did before… Can anyone enlighten me with some hard facts in this question …

Bye for now ! 8)

Sunday Fail!

Somedays everything just fails. When I woke up I had a smashing headache, even though I don’t drank anything holic-ish, my whole body felt twice as heavy as it did yesterday. Had some breakfast that didn’t taste anything. I took the guitar out from the case and started to finger on it and instantly I knew that it was going to sound like sh… ! The guitar went back into the case and I tried to write something on the blog and I couldn’t come up with anything. Then I came to think of this Jess Lewis and she brightend up my day some but that ended quickly.
Now it’s in the middle in the night here in Sweden and it feels like I’m just sitting here, waiting for something to happen, but I have to realize !! This day is over and I wont get another try at it …. I need to go to bed now, and I think I’ll do. We’ll see if tomorow has something for me, or else I have to make something of it myself because I surely don’t wanna live today over again…. ! 🙂


Jess Lewis

I have to push for this little lady. Just saw her the other day on You Tube and I have to say, …… something… =)
There she sits playing the guitar, this little 17 y.o. girl, she doesn’t just play it, everyone that looks at her clips get’s owned…. big time.

I think she’s amazing and imagine the effort and time she has spent to come where she is today. She’s got everything down, the dynamics, the attitude ( tonewise ), the sound, the technique, the articulation and everything else you can think of. I wonder where it’s gonna take her, this talant she’s got…. I hope she can support herself on just playing the guitar in the future but you never know… One day up, and the other down…

Anyway, here she is :

The day after….

It’s the day after. The gig yesterday went pretty good but I got a reminder of what’s important. If you have a gig every weekend, the same songs, at the same place with the same people you have a tendency to play it somewhat loose. You think you know the songs and you have no problems. The gig day comes and it suddenly comes to your attention that maybe you should have done some practising the past week, then you hear : “one, two, three, four…. ” Yaiks….

You have to be on your toes to perform well at a gig and if you’re relaxed like you are in your TV-sofa, it’s just not gonna happen…. You’re gonna fail…

Yes, I know this and have known for a long time but you know… Human nature!
I didn’t fail bigtime at the gig, just some minor tone-slides and the audience probably didn’t notice it but still….. I know, and that’s enough.

So I’m going to talk to the other musicians cuz they were off to, and maybe were going down to the theatre and do some rehearsing. We could even do it at home alone for our selves. We just have to do it in one way or the other….

Bye for now !